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Do You have Multiple Diary Disorder?
April 12, 2010

Hello and I hope you enjoy this week's tip about Multiple DIARY Disorder.

It will take you about 37 seconds to read this email. Here is your time creation tip for this week.

Time Management Tip - Do You Have Multiple DIARY Disorder?

If you are like most people I talk to you have Multiple Diary Disorder. It is a real challenge to overcome this disorder because our information overloaded world creates it.

Let me ask you a question. What do the following things have in common?

Your office computer, your phone, your notepad, your laptop computer, your home computer, post-it notes, your diary, your partner's diary, your mind and your refrigerator door?

They can all have chunks of your time!

To be effective, work less and have more fun time you must get your life into one place. I call it whole-in-one. You whole life in one place.

Think about it. How can you ever effectively use your time if your appointments and commitments are in many different places? You can't!

Yet, it is much easier said than done. My Time Management System will guide you on how to do this.

The BENEFIT of having your Whole Life in one Place is that you can easily see ALL your commitments, which gives you some chance of meeting most of them. When your life's commitments are all over the place then your life is also all over the place.

This week's Bonus.
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Have the time of your life this week. Michael Erwin on Business Time Management


Michael Erwin

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