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Do You make these 2 Big Mistakes?
May 31, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip, Do You Make these 2 Big mistakes?

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Time Management Tip - "Do You Make these 2 Big mistakes?"

Graeme has steam coming out of his ears. One of their best customers has received the wrong order. Graeme then makes 2 big mistakes that waste massive amounts of time and have an invisible after effect.

"Who stuffed this up," Graeme fumes as he heads to the factory.

That's mistake number 1. Then Graeme continues on "What the hell went wrong? How could you let this happen?" And that's mistake number 2.

The two big mistakes here are the questions Graeme asks.

Asking who is to "blame" and how/why did this happen does two things -- and neither is what you want. These 2 mistakes cause your team to feel threatened and stressed. They become defensive in order to protect themselves. This limits their thinking and puts them in a state where they do not want to make a decision. You have no chance of any useful suggestions coming from your team.

So, who has to "fix" the problem? YOU DO!

You spend time and energy putting things right. You feel emotionally drained and you are still angry and frustrated that this happened. You feel that you are the only one who can fix these problems.

But you are actually making things worse.

So what should Graeme have done?

Asked different questions to get his team focused on the solution and working with him to fix the problem. He could say "OK team, I am here to help. How can we fix this situation?"

This simple question will help your team to focus on what to do next. The use of "we" helps people to feel supported rather than threatened. The question also implies that the team knows how to fix the problem, which makes people feel valued. When your team is focused on the solution, feeling supported and valued they come up with many ideas and they will take action to fix things.

The BENEFIT of asking good questions is that your team will come up with solutions and take action, saving you from having to use your time and energy to be the "fix-it" person. The problem gets fixed in half the time and you feel less stress and have more energy for the rest of your work!

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Michael Erwin

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