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How to save hours on email.
April 27, 2010

Hello and I hope you enjoy this week's tip, How to save hours on email

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Time Management Tip - How to save hours on email

Email is a huge Time killer. All my clients complain about the amount of email they have to deal with.

I believe most organizations have allowed themselves to fall into poor email culture, which wastes 100s of hours each week.

One simple step you can take to automate processing your email is to use the auto-rule feature. You can create a rule that automatically moves, deletes or replies to specific emails.

Start with creating a rule for all emails you are cc'd on. Set the rule to automatically move these emails to a folder called cc (or something else you prefer). Now tell all your colleagues that any emails they cc you will go into a folder for you to read when you have time (which, of course, you never will!).

You have just saved yourself processing at least 20% of your email.

Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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