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How to make Christmas more enjoyable
December 15, 2009

Time Management Tips

Hello and welcome to this week's quick time management tip. How to make Christmas more enjoyable.

This is the last newsletter for 2009. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I look forward to helping you in 2010.

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Time Management Tip Time Management Tips

How to make Christmas more enjoyable.

Christmas is a time for giving and expressing love. Unfortunately work and family pressures can make Christmas very stressful.

My personal mission this month is to help people enjoy Christmas.

The best way to do this is to STOP, breathe slowly and take a reflection break.

Take 5 minutes each day to stop and reflect on your life. Are you caught up in Christmas pressure? Take a few minutes to think about the people that are most important in your life and what you want Christmas to be like for them.

Then make sure you create an enjoyable Christmas for you loved ones, rather than getting caught up in pressures and adding to Christmas stress.

The BENEFIT of taking 5 minutes to reflect is that you let go of stress and you help others have an enjoyable Christmas. Just 5 minutes here and there will have a huge impact on your relationships and how much you enjoy Christmas.

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Have a fabulous Christmas. Time Management Tips

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Michael Erwin

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