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Overcome Procrastination with a 300lb Tiger
May 02, 2010

Hello and I hope you enjoy this week's tip, Overcome Procrastination with a 300lb Tiger!

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Time Management Tip - Overcome Procrastination with a 300lb Tiger

To Reduce Procrastination you need to understand what's happening in your brain that causes you to procrastinate.

Your brain scans around looking for problems, so it can solve them.

If you get out of your car, walk to your front door and there is a rubbish bin in your way your brain identifies the issue. You solve the problem by moving the bin or going around it.

BUT what if there was a 300 pound tiger in your way?

Your brain sees the Tiger as a major problem. It doesn't know how to handle it and so it seeks to protect you by avoiding the situation.

When you procrastinate you see your task as a 300 pound tiger. Your work tasks though, are not life threatening, but your brain still reacts this way.

To reduce procrastination you need to recognize when your brain is reacting like there is a 300 pound tiger in front of you and step-back to re-calibrate your task. When you can look at the task from a different view point you now see a 30 pound tabby cat.

Now your brain sees a way to handle the situation and you take action.

The BENEFIT of understanding how why your brain procrastinates is that you can overcome procrastination much more easily. You now know to change how your brain sees things so you can take action and achieve your goals in much less time.

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Michael Erwin

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