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How stress reduces Your IQ!
May 24, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip, How Stress reduces your IQ.

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Time Management Tip - "How Stress reduces your IQ."

You're hunting in the jungle, moving slowly, quietly, listening and watching. Any movement could be a threat. Suddenly there is a loud roar and you see a 312 pound tiger about 20 feet away.

You brain has been pre-programmed over 1000s of years to maximize your chance of survival in these situations. You have probably heard of the Fight or Flight response. It is what happens when you see a 312 pound tiger about 20 feet away.

This response takes control of your body and your mind. Your brain essentially shuts down as you prepare to fight or run.

Unfortunately, today this response still kicks in when your brain perceives stress. Everyday your brain perceives many "fight or flight" situations, like when you walk into a room and people stop talking. When you have to give a presentation. When you are falling further behind on your to-do list.

And your brain shuts down.

You can no longer think creatively or understand new ideas. If you did an IQ test your IQ would probably go down 30% or more.

Yet you push on and keep working hard anyway. You spend hours operating with much of your brain shut down. That's why everything takes twice as long as it should (or could).

To change your perception of "fight or flight" stress you can:

  • Observe your thinking
  • Label your emotion (I am feeling anxious about my presentation)
  • Re-calibrate your emotion

Done properly each of these activities will help your brain to get back to full capacity.

The BENEFIT of recognizing "fight or flight" responses is that you can "reboot" your brain and get back to full brain capacity quickly. Then you achieve more in half the time it would take with a shut-down brain!

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Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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