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How Your Workplace Wastes Hours of Your Time and What to do about it.
May 11, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip, How your workplace wastes your time and creates confusion.

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Time Management Tip - "How Your Workplace Wastes Your Time and creates confusion."

It's obvious to me, but most organizations are blind to it. Perhaps this is because I am on the outside looking in, or maybe I have "just trained my eyes to see it."

I see how Your Workplace Wastes Hours of Your Time Everyday.

Your workplace is Reactive. People respond to emails, texts, phone calls and these requests instantly become a major priority that must be dealt with NOW! But are these tasks really that important. NO!

But You and your colleagues get caught in culture. You become very busy and you work hard reacting to all this requests, and you make No Progress. It driving around a roundabout over and over again. You are driving and investing time and effort, without going anywhere.

This reactive culture make low impact tasks appear critical.

To Stop Wasting these Hours you must Clarify and Qualify. Clarify the request, what exactly have you been asked to do and WHY? Qualify the request by asking "what makes this so important?" and "how does this help us reach our business objective?"

The BENEFIT of Clarifying and Qualifying is that you cut hours off your work week and you are seen by others as a Highly Effective, Highly Professional person who knows what to do to be successful..

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Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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