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Hi, What is your stress response?
November 04, 2009

Hello and welcome to this week's short time management tip. What is your stress response!.

It will take you about 54 seconds to read this email. Here is your time creation tip for this week.

Time Management Tip

What is your stress response and how much time does it waste.

What happens when you get stressed or pressured? Do you feel your heart rate going up? Do you get hot? Do you clench your jaw? Do you get a headache or stomachache? The sooner you recognize that your body is responding to stress, the sooner you can do something about it.

Next, get a handle on your stress-induced patterns of behavior. Some people stick with their usual ways but do them louder, harder, faster or longer than is helpful. Others get unpredictable or act uncharacteristically when facing stress. It is really important to pay attention to how your body reacts to stress.

You will save enormous amounts of time if you can notice the early signs of your stress response. When you notice the early signs you can immediately start to manage your actions and behaviors.

Also, think about the effect your stress response has on others. Does your team feel threatened, left in the dark or dumped on? Do you slow things down, or do you ratchet up the pressure? Do you break commitments or take your stress out on people at home?

The BENEFIT of knowing your stress response is reducing the amount of time your are feeling stressed and reducing the impact your stress has on your team .

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Have a brilliant day.


Michael Erwin

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