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Why To-Do lists are a waste of time!
March 09, 2010

Hello and I hope you enjoy this week's tip. Why To Do Lists are a waste of time!

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Time Management Tip - Why To Do Lists are a waste of time!

One of the most common time management tools people use is a To Do list. The first time you use a list it usually works really well. As you continue to use the To Do list something terrible happens -- it turns against you!

"The list was so long I felt overwhelmed. I was stressed just looking at it and I felt I had failed before I even started .

This is how a senior operations manager described her attempt to use a To Do list for time management. She had just given up using it when we spoke. And from her description you can understand why.

A To Do list quickly turns into something that creates stress.

Highly Effective people have moved from a To Do list to a time management system based on a weekly structure.

The BENEFIT a system with a weekly structure is that you get a realistic sense of what you can fit into your week. I call this capacity.

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Michael Erwin

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