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Why Your Brain hates Prioritizing.
May 17, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip, Why Your Brain hates Prioritizing.

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Time Management Tip - "Why Your Brain hates Prioritizing."

Your Brain is like a laptop computer battery. It has a limited amount of "charge" and after that it can't operate.

Prioritizing takes lots of battery resources.

Prioritizing takes lots of Brain Power. It's like having 10 applications open on your laptop and one editing a very large image file at the same time.

When you do this on your laptop your battery dies quickly.

Because your brain knows prioritizing takes energy and it knows you will work long hours your brain doesn't want to prioritize. Your brain makes you think you don't need to prioritize, but really your brain is worried about running out of power.

So you have just enough energy to get through a long day, BUT what did you really achieve.

This is like using your laptop on low power with no applications open. You can surf the internet for hours (no audio or video), but you do not achieve anything.

It's your choice. You can operate on low energy over a long day and achieve very little OR you can choose to prioritize and use the energy you have to achieve High Impact tasks.

What do you choose?

The BENEFIT of Prioritizing is that you achieve your high impact tasks much more quickly and you cut your work hours. Work less and achieve more -- sounds pretty good hey!

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Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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