Cut 6.5 Hrs Off Your Work Week
Personal Video Coaching.

Personal Coaching Week 14 - Review of Blasting Procrastination, Making Prioritization much easier and practical uses of the 80-20 rule.

Welcome to this week's Personal Video Coaching Program to Cut 6.5hrs Off Your Work Week.

In last week's session you learned how to use your KPIs and the 80-20 to make prioritization much easier. You heard about how to use the 80-20 in real, practical situations and save yourself hours of time.

In today's coaching session we review how to use blast away procrastination, get clear on your KPIs to make prioritization much easier and practical uses of the 80-20 that save hours each week.

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Enjoy Your Time this Week :-)

Michael Erwin on 21st Century Time Management

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