Cut 6.5 Hrs Off Your Work Week
Personal Video Coaching.

Hi {!firstname}, I hope you have had an enjoyable week and you have reduced your work hours AND stress.

Personal Coaching Week 17 - How your Goals and Values are critical to maintaining your personal effectiveness program.

Welcome to this week's Personal Video Coaching Program to Cut 6.5hrs Off Your Work Week.

In last week's session we looked at how energy gives and takes away your time. You will learn how to know your energy cycles, what gives you and drains your energy and how to make sure you use your energy to create more time for yourself.

In today's coaching session I reveal how your goals and values have a critical impact on sustaining your reduced work hours. You will learn about how goals, values and time either conflict or align. Conflicts mean you go back to your old ways. You will see how to create alignment and lasting change.

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Enjoy Your Time this Week :-)

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