Cut 6.5 Hrs Off Your Work Week
Personal Video Coaching.

Personal Coaching Week 3 - How to Say NO, without using the word and why this saves at least 3.7 hours a week.

Congratulations and Welcome to the Personal Video Coaching Program to Cut 6.5hrs Off Your Work Week.

In last week's session we worked out your time capacity and you began to understand what you can actually fit in to your week. In today's coaching session we take the first step to Cutting HOURS OFF Your Work Week. This step is to be able to say No to requests and tasks. Most people do not feel they can say NO. You MUST if you are to cut your hours. The coaching session explains how to do this.

During today's session you will decide on your preferred approach to "say no". You will hear real life stories of how my clients have done this and the amazing outcomes that they never expected.

You will also get an update to Jack's story as he tackled this challenge of saying No.

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Session 3, audio only.

Enjoy Your Time this Week :-)

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