Cut 6.5 Hrs Off Your Work Week
Personal Video Coaching.

Personal Coaching Week 5 - Curing Multiple Diary Disorder.

Welcome to this week's Personal Video Coaching Program to Cut 6.5hrs Off Your Work Week.

In last week's Bonus session we helped you to get control of your inbox and significantly reduce your email.

In today's coaching session you will overcome the infliction I call Multiple Diary Disorder.

During today's session you will move all your appointments, meetings and planning to One Diary. No more will you 5 or 6 (or more) places you have to look to see what commitments you have.

This is a very hands-on session and you will need all you notes, diaries and pads that have key information and you need THE diary that ALL your commitments will go into from now on.

Click here to open your coaching session worksheet. (right click to download)

*** Here is your Personal Video Coaching for this Week ***

Enjoy Your Time this Week :-)

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