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Goal setting and time management

Make 2010 your Personal Best Year and achieve your goals

Goal setting and Time management

It's December and 2009 is just about over. Did this year turn out to be what you wanted. Did you achieve your goals. Or did another year fly by and nothing much changed?

Are you going to let 2010 be just another year? Do you know the precise process to ensure 2010 is your Personal Best, your Best Ever year?

Some of you will be thinking, I've done this before or I know how to set goals - BUT, will you really set your goals in a way that will maximize your chance or achieving them?

UPDATED The Personal Best Year program has been updated and includes new material including aspects of "The Secret" AND hands-on experiential exercises.

Make 2010 a Personal Best Year

The Personal Best Year program is a unique and powerful combination of the world's best goal setting and time management, goal achieving, life balance and confidence building systems.

The world best systems have been researched, tested and proven in thousands of coaching and workshop hours over the past 3 years - NOW it is available to YOU for the first time.

By the of this goal setting program you will have:

  • Set Authentic Goals that increase likelihood of achievement by 211%
  • Defined and documented your top 5 values - the things in life that are MOST important to you
  • Defined clearly what a Personal Best Year looks like for you in 2007
  • Completed a confidence boosting activity that can use all year to instantly feel great
  • Acknowledged yourself for all the great things you did in 2006
  • Implemented a system to keep you focused on achieving your goals all year
  • An accountability process in place
  • Identified limiting beliefs and a strategy to overcome them
  • Get really clear on how you will FEEL when you have Personal Best Year (or even a PB moment!)

My sales improved over 70%. It was also the insights I gained that made the experience so valuable.
Samantha Bishop - Real Estate Executive.

Often I arrive pressured and out of focus. I always leave feeling better, clearer and ready to take action.
Dino Dipierdomenico - Director DMC Outsourcing.

I was able to improve my productivity by about 50%.
Andrew Cester - Director Whirlwind Print.

I now work 8-10 hours less per week yet my sales have exceeded my targets.
Richard G - Real Estate Executive.

100% money back guarantee - we guarantee the program. If you don't feel you got real value then we will give you your money back.

goal setting and time management

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