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Tip #3 -- The real reason you are procrastinating

You know you procrastinate, we all do. You know how it impacts your life and that end up rushing to get things completed at times. If you are like most people then you also have a constant, nagging anxious feeling that there is a task you need to complete but you can't quite remember what it is.

You have tried some of the tips on reducing procrastination and sometimes they work, sort of. To really make a difference to your habit of procrastination you need to go deeper into your brain. This tips gives you the insight into your thinking so you understand the real reason you procrastinate.

Take a moment to reflect now. Think of a specific example of you procrastinating. My anecdotal research tells me that the real reason you procrastinate is likely to be one of these:

- Boredom - it's not interesting, fun, challenging, takes too long

- Worry - what if I fail, get it wrong, make mistakes

- Uncertainty - I don't know how to start, seems to hard, never done this before

- Embarrassment - I can't ask for help I will look dumb or inadequate, they will find out I am not very good at this

These reasons exclude physical interruptions such as people walking in, phone calls, emails, loud noises and so. Although, I do clearly see that people who procrastinate sub-consciously create or look for these interruptions. So identifying you real reason for procrastination reduces these interruptions as well. How do you deal with and overcome you real reason for procrastinating?

After you have decided which of the real reasons apply to you then the ideas below overcomes the block.

Boredom - acknowledge you will become bored. Remove all visual distractions. Find something that is interesting about the task itself or the bigger picture and keep reminding yourself of that interesting part.

Worry - work through the worry, what is it exactly. Compare that to not doing the task or rushing to do it at the last minute. Most people find that putting it off only makes the fear worry worse.

Uncertainty - accept the feeling of uncertainty and create a simple plan or even a first step and check with someone. This gives you a greater feeling of certainty and builds momentum.

Embarrassment - realize you are assuming how others will react. Acknowledge that and then ask for help. You will see how supportive and helpful most people are.

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Michael Erwin on 21st Century Time Management

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