Creates Laser Sharp Focus.

Congratulations and Welcome to the 5 part course that creates Laser Sharp Focus.

Tip #4 -- Makes you positive

We all know it is hard to stay focused, especially with some tasks that we just find hard or don't like. Imagine your focus is like a muscle just like the bicep in your arm. You can have a focus muscle that is flabby and weak, or you can have a toned, strong focus muscle. A positive reward cycle is a fantastic way to grow your focus. The steps below to builds your focus and creates a highly toned focus muscle.

Quick Wins.

Start with a task you like or you are good at that you need to complete. Set yourself a time frame to fully focus on this task.

Choose your Reward.

Decide on a reward for yourself for completing the time period without allowing yourself to be distracted. For example, I will spend 30 minutes brainstorming for the new advertising campaign and when I am done I will get myself a Latte on a 10 minute break.

Repeat. Do this again, but with a task that is a little harder or less enjoyable. At this stage set realistic time frames for the type of task. This gives you wins and positive reinforcement that you have good focus.

Increase in small steps. In 7 days increase the length of time by a small amount, say 5 minutes. This gradually increases you focus muscle while still giving you wins and positive reinforcement.

Find your ideal focus time span. Keep increasing the length of time in small steps. You will find that your output increases up to a specific time, then plateaus and then decreases. Test this over several weeks or months. This gives you your ideal focus time span. For many people I work with it is about 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes. This is also important for your energy (which you will see in the next tip)

Set up a positive feedback cycle for single-tasking focus and you'll reverse the years of training your mind has gotten to switch tasks. You'll get more important work done, and it won't seem hard. You'll find that focus becomes a form of meditation.

Spend time today, that creates a life you love!

Michael Erwin on 21st Century Time Management

PS - You'll be fascinated by tip #5 - Energy is Time!

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