Creates Laser Sharp Focus.

Congratulations and Welcome to the 5 part course that creates Laser Sharp Focus.

Tip #5 -- Energy is Time!

You know the feeling, you have work to do and it's getting late. You are already feeling tired, a headache is coming on and you will probably have to work late. You try to force yourself to focus, but it's a major struggle.

Your energy is a major factor in your effectiveness and use of time.

How far could you drive on an empty fuel tank? Not very far right! What do we all do when the flow fuel light flashes on dashboard? We stop and fill-up. We refuel the car.

So why is it that when our brain's fuel tank runs out we keep driving all day? Fuel (or energy) is a critical ingredient in staying focused. Without energy you waste time. Either you procrastinate so things don't get done, or you try to do an important task, but it takes 3 times as long to complete.

"Feeling forever starved for time, we assume that we have no choice but to cram as much as possible into every day. But managing time efficiently is no guarantee we will bring sufficient energy to whatever it is we are doing." Jim Loehr, The Power of Full Engagement.

Is it possible to have high energy all day? I have seen a few people who can do it, but I have seen thousands who cannot. What is critical is maintaining your energy levels as high as possible throughout the day.

The simplest, but most effective way to manage your energy is to refuel. The best ways to refuel are:
- Take a break every 60-90 (based on your ideal focus span from tip #4).
- Drink lots more water
- Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch
- Avoid excess caffeine and sugar (they give you a burst of energy followed a BIG drop in energy)

A 2-10 minute break, away from your desk, will replenish your physical, emotional and mental energy. When you have refueled you get more done in less time and the work you do will be higher quality.

Try it for this week. Refuel every 90 minutes. Get away from your desk and ideally go outside and get some fresh air. Drink more water. Eat healthy. Take note of how you feel after your break. I guarantee you will have much more energy.

After refuel break you think more clearly so you make better decisions and you do your work more quickly. You also feel more interested in your work.

Spend time today, that creates a life you love!

Michael Erwin on 21st Century Time Management

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