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THE Time Management System;

For a strictly
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the greatest and most powerful time management system, ever developed
for only $37.



From: Michael Erwin
Founder of Time-Management-Central.net and Time Creation Coach

Dear Fellow Time Seeker,
I know you are busy and you want to find a way to make your time work for you. Now, finally you can get your hands on the greatest and most powerful time management program, ever developed for only $37. It's called Life-Time Mastery.

You may think that is a mighty bold statement. I believe you will be convinced before you get to the end of this message of the unique and overflowing value packed into this rare deal. (Believe me, you will want to read this message right to the end.)

I know you have seen and probably tried other time management offers, but this is finally the one that will work in today's world. To make this offer as grand as it is, I had to call in all my favors. You will be amazed at the bonus gifts I have been able to get for you.

Let me start by giving you a peek at the $1049.00 of real value that we're throwing into this rare Limited offer at absolutely no extra charge. That's right, you get over $1049.00 worth of bonus gifts for Free when you invest in just one copy of Life-Time Mastery.

This is what you get:

BONUS ITEMS -- ($1049.00)

PB-Year-2009; Bonus Number 1 (Value = $200)
Personal Best Year Goal Achievement Program

Make 2009 your Best Year ever with this Goal Achievement Program. You will set you goals for the year. Find out the invisible barriers that may have been stopped you. You will learn two little known secrets that are critical to achieving your goals.

The Personal Best Goal Achievement program has been proven to work with 100s of groups and individuals over the past 6 years. At the end of the DIY workshop you will have created a one page summary of your Top 10 Goals and how to stay on track to achieve your goals.

Bonus Number 2 (Value = $330.00)
13 months Email support. NOTE: this is for a very limited time only. You can email me any questions anytime for thirteen months. People pay thousands of dollars for my coaching and support and now you get it included in this package. I can only offer this for a VERY short time, so get in quickly before it's gone.

Bonus Number 3 (Value = $59.00)
5 Book Summaries.
Did you know that many people pay more for book summaries than the price of the book because it saves you time! The book summaries are:
  1. The Power of Focus -- How to hit your business, personal and financial targets with absolute certainty.
  2. The Tipping Point -- How Little thing can make a Big difference.
  3. The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader -- Becoming the person others will want to follow
  4. Slow Burn -- How to eat and exercise to burn more fat from your body.
  5. First Things First -- To Live, To Love, To Learn, To Leave a Legacy

Bonus Number 4 (Value = $109.00)
7 Secrets to create an Extra Hour a Day Presentation and Workbook (Value = $109)
NO this is not another list of time management tips. This is a powerful presentation that will make you stop and think about your life and how you spend your time. Together with the workbook you can gain insights to the where your time is leaking and how to fix it.

Bonus Number 5 (Value = $21)
Special Report -- Time Management Case Studies

Learn how 5 extremely busy people were able to create more time. Read each story and hear how they made a change from being very busy to finding more time -- time that they thought they never had. Each story has a unique and powerful message.

Bonus Number 6 (Value = $300.00)
13 Months FREE membership.
This offer is for a VERY SHORT time only. I am extending this offer to the people who get involved early and support by buying the first edition of the Life-Time Mastery System.

There it is! Over $1049.00 of extra value when you invest just $37 in a life changing, powerful, 21st Century Time Management System.


Order immediately, or keep reading about the enormous benefits you're going to reap from this gem:

Ordering is really easy. Order your copy by using this order link.

Within minutes you will automatically get all of the instructions for you to get over $1049.00 worth of Free bonus gifts. It really is that easy.

Just have a glimpse at what people say about Michael's system and coaching:

Things have not only worked out for the better, but I am feeling just so much happier and relaxed within myself, I am fit, having fun and enjoying life. In some ways a walking testament to your process - let me know if my story is of interest, as I would be happy to share it with interested others.
Gordon Hollonds -- Senior Executive, satisfaction rating 9/10

I reduced my work hours by 20 hours a week, and yet I achieved more. I was drowning and couldn't see a way out. Michael should me the way. Now I have my life back. I enjoy work again and I have time to be with my family. I can?t thank Michael enough.
John Bremer -- Engineering Services Manager, satisfaction rating 10 /10

I am amazed at how much things changed in just 2 months. I have saved about 15 hours a week. I feel more in control and much less stressed. I knew I couldn't sustain what I was doing, but I wasn't able to change, until I did Michael?s program. Now I see how I can success in my job and have a life!
Sanjaya De Silva -- Product Manager, satisfaction rating 10/10

I was able to improve my productivity by about 50%. Not only did I improve my organizational skills (not just knowing what to do, but DOING IT), I also felt great because each day I was working on the projects that have the biggest impact on the company!
Andrew Cester -- Director, 8/10

There is no price tag that you can place on more time. Time is your most precious resource and the Life-Time Mastery System's unique approach will give an amazing new sense of more time.

If someone said you could buy more time, what would that be worth to you? I'm guessing that you would have a challenge coming up with a price ? BUT I am sure it would be a HIGH PRICE!

This system is quite simply The Answer to Modern Day Time Pressure! And simply is an important word because a huge amount of effort has been focused on making this system short and simple.

You get practical techniques, checklists and individual assessments to make sure the system works for YOU. For good reason this system is being called THE APPROACH for Time Management in the 21st Century.

Each section is organized in a specific way to help you see why old time management techniques no longer work. You are guided through the foundation and process of building your personalized time management system.

Do you like to get started quickly when you have new program. You will love the Quick Start guide, which suits the people who have a "hands-on" learning style. This is just one example of the secrets that make this program a success. The system has flexibility for all different learning styles, communication styles and time perspectives.

This is NOT a one way for fits All people approach like those of the past. You get to use your strengths and work around your time management weaknesses rather than change yourself to fit the system.

The Life-Time Mastery system comes with a no-questions, unconditional, 366 day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason), you decide this system isn't right for you, contact me and I'll buy it back from you for every penny you paid.

This is SO MUCH MORE than a time management technique. It is a multifaceted, multi layered, modern time management system. Look at what is included in the system:

  1. 21st Century Time Management Principles so you have a new understanding of time management in modern day situations
  2. A learning preference assessment profile so you learn more quickly
  3. A personality style assessment profile so you use your preferred style to manage time
  4. A time perspective assessment profile so you get to see your relationship with time
  5. Templates with examples for all aspects of the system so you can get started easily
  6. Checklists for easy use and reminders of what to do so you can stay on track
  7. A one page summary page to make sure you personalized system is always top of mind
  8. A UNIQUE and POWERFUL definition of time management success which will make your life feel much more enjoyable
All this and there is absolutely NO Risk. If you are not completely satisfied, I will give you all of your MONEY back.

Order it immediately and get your $1049.00 worth of Free bonus gifts.


Here's how easy it is:

Go directly to the order page, and once your order is placed, you will be IMMEDIATELY directed to the download page, where you can download the Life-Time Mastery System and all the bonus items.

That is as easy as it can be.

Order your copy by clicking this button


You are about to discover a new way to look at time. You will be able use this time system to create success in your life. This resource will also help you clearly set your goals, find your purpose in life, improve your relationships and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

This system jammed full of content. Packed in like sardines to give you the key things you need to know. The Life-Time Mastery System is the outcome from researching thousands of articles and hundreds of books, coaching and training 100s of people to test different approaches. Then it has been refined to simplest form possible -- to save you time! But this is also a resource that goes the extra mile. How does it go the extra mile do you ask?

Most of the time that you buy a time management book, you Only Get the print book.

With the Life-Time Mastery System you a 21st Century system:

  1. ready for immediate download so you can get started right away -- NO WAITING
  2. online links to more detail so you can get all the information you want
  3. online community support so you can get support from others
  4. email support direct to us so you never get stuck
  5. print the contents in sections or in full.
  6. It is on your computer so you can access it anytime for quick reading

To do all this for You I had to solve a very important challenge....

How could I provide all of the wisdom from all the research, articles, books, training and coaching in a system that did NOT take up masses of your time?

The answer -- It was one of the hardest things I have done. I found it is much harder to reduce content, be succinct and concise and yet still communicate a powerful message, than to write 100s of pages of general time management information.

So, I put in the hours of effort to make the system concise AND powerful.

AND then I added a private, members only area on the website to give you free unlimited access to hundreds more time management resources. There are links to the members area throughout the system and all you need to do is click to go there immediately.

Here is a glimpse of these extra goodies you get with this system:

  1. FREE email support -- Very limited time only
  2. Time Management Videos -- the latest videos on how to manage your time including Randy Pausch at Carnegie Mellon University and David Allen presenting at Google.
  3. Time Management Presentations -- Loads of PowerPoint presentations on time management.
  4. Life purpose statements
  5. Goal setting techniques and downloads
  6. Free time management software
  7. We've made it easy for you to have all this immediately. You can start in a matter of minutes! That's the truth.

    Here is the order link again -- GET IT NOW!

    Just click on the buy button and you get the clear, easy to follow instructions to get all of your bonus gifts -- all in one easy step. We have made it real easy for you.

    Here is more proof that there is a ton of value in this rare find:


    The program was just great. My confidence increased significantly. I am now making 25% more calls and 50% more cold calls. My sales are up and I can see much more growth going forward.
    Matt Pascoe -- Sales Executive, satisfaction rating 9/10

    Through the process my performance increased (over 50% increase in sales), my confidence is up and my stress levels are down. Through the support of my coach I was able to assess where I am now and look at where I want to be. Overall I rate the coaching 9/10. I am really confident and excited about moving forward and I happily recommend Michael - he is a great coach!
    Gary Wyatt -- Sales Executive, satisfaction rating 9/10

    The excitement over this system is amazing! Finally a new way to look at time so you feel less pressured, less stressed and a greater sense of achievement. We can?t wait for you to get started, and you don?t have to because you can have it within minutes.

    Order right here: GET IT NOW!

    I was able to reach my goals in less than 3 months -- there is no doubt that the coaching was significant in accelerating my achievement of these outcomes. I now work 8-10 hours less per week yet my sales have exceeded my targets.
    Richard Goldsmith -- Real Estate Executive, satisfaction rating 10/10

    Go and get yours right away and you'll receive the clear instructions to access the $1049.00 worth of value waiting for you.

    Order Today GET IT NOW!

    With great appreciation,

    Michael Erwin
    Founder and Time Creation Coach -- Time-Management-Central.net
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Website: https://www.time-management-central.net

    P.S. Just think! You're going to save yourself thousands of hours, thousands of dollars, not to mention, eliminating thousands of hours of stress and the pain and hassle of trying to figure how to get everything done Every Day. Now, you use take a 21st Century system, practically handed to you on a silver platter wrapped up with $1049.00 worth of free bonus gifts. You simply place your order...and you're on your way to getting your life back within one minute -- flat! Click Here to Order Today GET IT NOW!

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