Track Your Finances on Your Blackberry

Though iOS and Android have a definite lead in terms of the total number of apps available, BlackBerry business phones support an equally impressive roster of mobile software programs. When it comes to finance, they may even have an edge over the iPhone and the various Android handsets thanks to RIM's focus on online security and Email integrity. Here are a few choice financial apps for your BlackBerry.

Keeping tabs on all your bank accounts, credit card purchases and bills can become mind-bogglingly complicated if you don't have solid software to manage it all. Pageonce is your centralized command center for managing your personal finances from your mobile phone. It also features some decent investment tracking capabilities, flight itinerary tracking and personalized alerts. One of the most highly rated apps on BlackBerry, it's also free to download and use.

For creating expense reports that "don't suck," Expensify is the only mobile software tool you need in your arsenal. With Expensify, you can pull in all of your financial transactions from your credit card, compile a report and export it to QuickBooks in a New York minute. It's incredibly stable, fast and full-featured, and best of all it's absolutely free.

If you need the latest, most up-to-date stock quotes possible, Stocks+ is the way to fly on the BlackBerry platform. It allows users to personalize their home screen, create lists of stocks and sort them by various criteria, set alerts and manage portfolios easily on the go. It also features in-depth information on specific stock symbols and provides a broker-agnostic way to oversee a portfolio.

Quite possibly the most full-featured financial investment app on BlackBerry Appworld, Blue gives users access to information on practically every investment vehicle in the world. You'll receive real-time quotes on stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities at the tap of a touchscreen with Blue. It provides the inside scoop on instruments from 162 exchanges worldwide, which is all the more amazing when you consider the fact that Blue is 100% free.

The Wrap
Obviously, what BlackBerry lacks in sheer volume of apps it manages to make up in the quality of the mobile software. Whether you're managing investment, paying your bills, creating a budget or doing routine banking from your phone, BlackBerry supports an app that'll take care of it for you. Thanks to the rock-solid security of RIM's infrastructure, you can manage your finances from your phone without having to worry about staying safe online.

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