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The #1 secret to effective delegation is NOT what you think!
November 09, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip: "The #1 Secret to Effective Delegation is NOT What you think!!!"

Jim sat overwhelmed. He had just finished a meeting with some of his key staff. They asked for the meeting to get his advice. Now he was the one who had a big list of tasks from the meeting. How did that happen?

This is a common scenario for many of our clients. Jim (not his real name) was unsure about how to stop this reverse delegation and be able to delegate more effectively.

I define delegation as getting work done through others. This includes getting your staff to do the jobs they were hired to do, not just any "extra" task you might want help with.

Here are some of the things managers say to themselves and need to overcome to delegate effectively:
"It'll take less time if I just do it myself"
That's true, for one or two things -- but how many tasks for how many people can you really take on?
"No-one can do it like I can"
That's probably true too,-- are you prepared to that job for the rest of your life?

Jim now works at least 15 less hours each week.
His stress level has reduced by over 30%.
His staff are doing more work than ever before and they seem more interested and motivated.
He has time to work on the strategic aspects of his management role - not just the "fires".

Jim can now see himself being promoted and able to manage more staff (this didn't seem like an option previously)

So, how did Jim achieve this? He focused on the #1 secret to effective delegation. He made sure that his staff knew exactly what outcome they were responsible for achieving and the rewards and consequences for achieving or not achieving it - this was jointly agreed on.

Now here is the key to this secret.

Your team member must talk about the outcome and agree with you out loud what the outcome is. The more they talk the better. In my experience over 90% of people nod (slightly), say Yes or yeah (softly) and say nothing at all why they are "delegated to".

What do you think is going on in their mind? Often it is "yeah, right you want me to do that? I'll give it a try, but I know that you will fix it if I don't do it."

Agreement on the outcome - out loud. That's the #1 Secret to effective delegation that makes a massive difference. There is a 10 step process for Effective Delegation Every Time, that I have put together and you can get a copy for free when trial my Personal Effectiveness Online Video Coaching for just $1. Try it now. Get the 10 Steps to Effective Delegation Every Time for free AND you get 2 weeks of Personal Video Coaching for $1!

Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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