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"BUT Wait. I reveal all 7 secrets in a audio and
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Cut Hours Off Your Work Week.

Cut Hours Off your work week guarantee;

"Why Did I Create This 7 Secrets Audio?"

Because, quite frankly, I just want to help. I know how hard it is to get on top of things at work, let alone consistently spending time with your family. Your health suffers because you don't do any exercise and you feel stressed about all things you have to-do.

Nine years ago, I was overworked, stressed and fed up and I decided I must find an answer to this problem. In the end I stumbled upon the solution. In the last Six years I have been helping Business Executives to cut hours off their work week.

And now I just want to get the word out so that as many business people as possible can hear about this powerful option!

"I realized it's just NOT FAIR that So Many Business People do not know about this Solution."

So if you're struggling to get everything done this week, or if you feel trapped into working long hours and you can't get out because of how it will affect your family, or if you feel consistently stressed about fitting everything in and especially if you feel guilty about NOT spending enough time with your family...

Then keep reading... because you're about to find a solution!

I sure wish I had known years ago that I could have worked significantly less hours and still got outstanding business results. It surely would have saved me from a lot of sleepless nights, when I didn't think that I could keep going at work, but I had to because of my kids.

But before I reveal this amazing solution, I want to share my personal story that all started over 10 years ago...

"Suddenly I realized I had missed out on the first 5 years of my daughters life."

I had been climbing the corporate ladder for 10 years, and one day I woke up and felt like I couldn't keep going. I was doing well and the money was good, but the better I did the more the work just piled up, more people came to me to help them. My hours were out of control. Then, it hit me:

"If I keep going like this I will miss out on being part of my kids' life! But how am I supposed to provide for these kids AND have the time to spend with them?"

My daughter was in grade three and I had missed out on just about all the activities the parents could be involved in because I was always working. My son was about to start school and I decided on the spot that I was not going to miss out again.

I had always thought that I would get to a stage where I had everything under control. I would say "it's just a busy time at the moment. It will slow down soon and then I'll make the time." But the slow time never came.

I worked hard and did well. Back then I used to think that if I worked extra hard and got a lot done then I would get more time for myself and my family. WRONG! The harder I worked and the more "success" I had the more work came my way. It felt like I was being punished for being successful.

I felt locked-in, but I just didn't know how to get out.

I made a commitment to be involved in my kids life (and get fit again) so I started using some of the time management techniques I knew but they just didn't seem to work for me.

"How can I Cut My Work Hours to spend time with my kids AND still provide for them financially?"

I thought I must be missing something. So I went to more time management courses. I read more time management articles. I got books on time management and work-life balance.

Still nothing worked. I was extremely frustrated and annoyed. I started to worry that there was something wrong with me. Why couldn't I get these time management techniques to help cut my hours. I was disciplined enough to do my planning, but I just couldn't fit everything in.

"There's got to be a way to cut my works hours and still be able to achieve my business objectives!" I was frustrated.

So I kept trying to find the time management system that would make everything fall into place for me.

I tried all the organizers and their time management approaches. But nothing I did worked. In fact I felt worse just looking at all the tasks in my organizer.

"Should I even bother trying to Cut My Work Hours?"

I felt like giving up. There just didn't seem to be a way to cut my hours using the time management techniques I had learnt. I felt even more frustrated because I was spending time on my time management system and I hadn't cut more than an hour off my work week. I had diligently listed my tasks, but when I looked at it I felt overwhelmed.

For days, I wrestled with the decision - do I give up or do I go on trying to find a way to cut my work hours and spend more time with my family. My single biggest desire was to spend MUCH MORE time with my kids. I couldn't give up!

BUT I was seriously out of options. "Surely there must be a better way!"

Finally I Found Another Option: The BEST Option!

One morning I was in early stressing about getting everything done for the day. A colleague walked in, and asked if I was OK. I told him I was trying to use a time management system to get control of my time. He said "I've tried that stuff too. Nothing works. It's not designed for people like you and me. It's really for anally detailed people."

Mark laughed as he said "Someone should create a time management for everyday people."

A thought floated through my brain. A time management system for everyday people created by everyday people. It felt really good, but initially I ignored this thought. I told myself "who was I to create a time management system!"

Later that week I was with a client and I pulled out my organizer to book our next appointment. She looked and sniggered "I've got one of those too, but it hasn't really helped my cut my work hours. No time management technique has worked for me. I guess there is just too much to do these days!"

I felt my whole body shiver. It was like the comment hit a raw nerve. There is just too much to do these days. She was right. And that's when I decided to try to create a modern time management system that helps for everyday people cut their work hours. And I would be the guinea pig.

A couple of weeks later I had to go to Japan on an urgent trip. I got on the plane realizing that I had not organized anyone to do my work while I was away. So for the next 10 days I would have to do my normal work after a full days work in Tokyo.

I spent 2-3 hours a day while in Tokyo doing my "normal work". When I came back I expected a pile of work and problems to deal with. There was hardly any. It was as if I had not been away!

"How did I do that?" I thought. "What did I do differently? Maybe there is a way to Cut my Work Hours and Still get Great Results!" I pondered excitedly. The pieces of the puzzle were beginning to fall into place.

"I Made the Choice To Create A Time Management System that would Cut My Work Hours!"

I went back over what I did on my trip and I sorted through all the time management information I had collected. I did more online research and I spoke to everyone I meet about how they managed their time and their workload.

One thing became clear. Everybody had more work today than last year and it seemed to increase every year.

Gradually I put the pieces together. I tested parts of different time management systems. I combined techniques and I added my own ideas. Things started to change.

I found I could cut my work hours and still hit my targets. My stress levels went way down.

When my son started school I often took him to school. I went to school assemblies and I even helped out in the class room. Since then I have been able to go to all my daughter's and son's major (and minor) events. I saw my son's class dancing and singing at assembly. They were only on stage for 2 minutes, but I was there.

And I am so glad I was able to do this because my daughter and son have won several awards at school and without my new time management system I would still have been trapped in the long hours of my pin stripped prison.

There was a side effect of my reduced hours and new found freedom. I realized I didn't like my work. No surprise really. I never loved it, but now that I was thinking much more clearly I knew I really didn't want to keep doing this work. I struggled to go to work each day.

So I made a career change (that's a whole other story itself) and I became an Executive Coach. My idea was to help business people to achieve their goals, maximize their potential and feel they had support outside of the competitive cut-throat corporate world.

What do you think was one of the major challenges for everyone of my first 10 clients?

"Yep, Not Enough Time to Get Everything Done!"

So the opportunity presented itself to see if other people could benefit from my time management system.

They did. Within weeks my clients were reducing their work hours and their stress. They slept better and they felt empowered.

It's now a further 6 years down the track. My kids are in high school. I have run 9 half marathons. And I have helped 100s of people to cut their work hours and get their life back.

But I starting feeling I was being unfair. I was helping maybe 100 people a year. Even less if you just count the people who have personal coaching. I started to think ...

"What about all the other people in the world that have too much to do and are trapped in their job."

So I found a way to share my secrets with as many people who want to cut their work hours and still get a pay rise.

"Now I'm Going To Teach You How!"

I've created this MP3 audio: "7 Secrets to Cutting 6.5hrs off your work week and get a pay rise at the same time" and I'd like to show you how you can get it for free.

These 7 secrets form the foundation of the program I put together to enable you to cut your work hours. My clients ask many questions when they first meet me. They are often initially skeptical because they have tried lots of time management techniques and nothing has worked for them (just like I did).

Questions come up like, "How do I what to STOP doing to cut my work hours?" "How do I know what are the HIGH IMPACT tasks?" "How do I Say NO to all the people that keep asking me to help them?" "How do I cope with all the distractions and interruptions?" "Can you really have a simple planning system that cut hours off the work week, but doesn't take hours to use?" "Is there a simple way to prioritize?" and "How do I manage all my email?"

All these topics are covered in the 7 Secrets Foundation audio that I have put together for you. I have found that many people want more help and support (which is why I have been doing the coaching programs). I want you to have that help and support too, so I have created the next best thing to 1:1 coaching.

You can get Personal weekly coaching from me in my Personal Coaching Video program. My clients pay $1000s for 1:1 coaching, but you can get this Personal Video Coaching for just $47/mo. In the program it's like I take you by the hand and guide you step by step to use the 7 Secrets to Cut hours off your work week. In each Video I reveal the Secret and explain how to implement it. We do an activity during the Video Coaching and you get homework to do in between the coaching sessions.

Now you get this Personal Video Coaching Program for just $1. I want to give you a way to try the program before you started paying the monthly fee. So I will give you a 14 day trial for just $1. When you join the program you will get the first Personal Video Coaching Module within 24 hrs. 7 days later you will get Module 2 and that will continue for four months.

Remember I wanted to tell you how to get the 7 Secrets MP3 Audio for FREE. Well all you have to do is get the $1 trial and I give you the 7 Secrets Audio FREE as a Bonus.

Just click on "Start My $1 Personal Coaching Trial" below and you will receive an email with the first Video Coaching module. You will also receive an email with the link to the 7 Secrets foundation Audio which you get as a FREE Bonus. Be sure to listen to the foundation audio first as it set the context on how all the 7 secrets work together to Cut 6.5 hrs off your work week and get you a pay rise at the same time.

Cut Hours Off Your Work Week

"What Secrets Will You Discover In Your 7 Secrets Foundation MP3 Audio recording?"

The 1 simple change will give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction at the end of each day.
How to Cut Out 30% of your tasks and still Achieve Better Results.
Stop falling for the 11 irritating time wasters and start spending more time on YOUR goals
How a To-Do list sabotages your productivity and robs you of feeling a sense of achievement
The PLANNING APPROACH that cuts 3 hrs off your work each week, so you feel less stressed and more successful at the end of the week.
How to overcome the #1 BLOCK that Stops You from being in Control of Your Time.
How to handle the tasks that you absolutely hate doing.
How To Feel Great Saying NO without using the word NO.
Find out the important goal-setting step that most people don't tell you about.
The Skill the allows you to Achieve more done in a Day than most people achieve in a week.
The Key Ingredient that ALL Successful People use to Achieve Amazing Results.

Cut Hours Off Your Work Week;

"My Clients Love how my program has Cut Hours Off their Work Week ...
And You Will Too!"

Things have not only worked out for the better, but I am feeling just so much happier and relaxed within myself, I am fit, having fun and enjoying life. In some ways a walking testament to your process - let me know if my story is of interest, as I would be happy to share it with interested others.
Gordon Hollonds -- Senior Executive, satisfaction rating 9/10

I reduced my work hours by 20 hours a week, and yet I achieved more. I was drowning and couldn't see a way out. Michael showed me the way. Now I have my life back. I enjoy work again and I have time to be with my family. I can't thank Michael enough.
John Bremer -- Engineering Services Manager, satisfaction rating 10 /10

I am amazed at how much things changed in just 2 months. I have saved about 15 hours a week. I feel more in control and much less stressed. I knew I couldn't sustain what I was doing, but I wasn't able to change, until I did Michael's program. Now I see how I can succeed in my job and have a life!
Sanjaya De Silva -- Product Manager, satisfaction rating 10/10

I was able to improve my productivity by about 50%. Not only did I improve my organizational skills (not just knowing what to do, but DOING IT), I also felt great because each day I was working on the projects that have the biggest impact on the company!
Andrew Cester -- Director, 8/10

The program was just great. My confidence increased significantly. I am now making 25% more calls and 50% more cold calls. My sales are up and I can see much more growth going forward.
Matt Pascoe -- Sales Executive, satisfaction rating 9/10

Through the process my performance increased (over 50% increase in sales), my confidence is up and my stress levels are down. Through the support of my coach I was able to assess where I am now and look at where I want to be. Overall I rate the coaching 9/10. I am really confident and excited about moving forward and I happily recommend Michael - he is a great coach!
Gary Wyatt -- Sales Executive, satisfaction rating 9/10

I was able to reach my goals in less than 3 months -- there is no doubt that the coaching was significant in accelerating my achievement of these outcomes. I now work 8-10 hours less per week yet my sales have exceeded my targets.
Richard Goldsmith -- Real Estate, satisfaction rating 10/10

Cut Hours Off Your Work Week;

"What Bonuses Will You Receive In Addition To Your FREE MP3 Audio?"

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Did you know that many people pay more for book summaries than the price of the book because it saves you time! The book summaries are:

  1. The Power of Focus -- How to hit your business, personal and financial targets with absolute certainty.
  2. The Tipping Point -- How Little thing can make a Big difference.
  3. The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader -- Becoming the person others will want to follow
  4. Slow Burn -- How to eat and exercise to burn more fat from your body.
  5. First Things First -- To Live, To Love, To Learn, To Leave a Legacy

Bonus # 2 -- 7 Secrets to Cut 6.5hrs Off Your Work Week and Get a Pay Rise at the Same Time.

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Are you looking to Cut Your Work Hours RIGHT WAY? When claim your $1 Personal Coaching Trail you also get the 7 Secrets MP3 audio for FREE!

This audio is the Foundation for the 7 Secrets to Cutting hours Off Your Work Week. The Foundation Audio gives you an introduction and an insight to the 7 Secrets. You will see why it is much more powerful when all 7 Secrets are used together.

Cut Hours Off your work week guarantee;