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Are you making one of the 4 major time management mistakes?
June 01, 2011

Hello and welcome to this week's short time management tip.

It will take you only 45 seconds to read this time management article. Here is your time management tip for this week.

Time Management Tip

Are you making one of these 4 major time management mistakes -- or maybe all 4 at once!

Peter came into work early full of energy to work on his major project. He was excited about the new project and he was keen to get off to a positive start.

Peter turned on his computer and noticed all the papers on his desk -- printout, phone messages and his own notes. Then he glanced at his screen and saw his email, which started automatically.

Before he knew it he was working on the stuff on his desk and reading email.

Peter told me his thinking was "get the messy stuff and little things out of the way so I can concentrate on the important stuff". In fact Peter was wasting the most productive time of the day with problems and unimportant things. He was making four time management mistakes ALL AT ONCE!

Doing more work than was necessary
Getting himself entangled in messes he shouldn't have
Putting himself in an unproductive mood - lacking energy, motivation and focus
Worst of all he was spending the most productive hours of his day on unimportant, stress inducing tasks

Peter now has a new productive habit. He doesn't even open email until his most important task is done!

Peter's new time management routine is:

Plan tomorrow before going home today
First thing in the morning review the plan for the day and confirm the Number 1 important, non-urgent strategic activity
Once these are complete process email.

In doing this Peter has prepared himself for a productive day and accomplished a high impact, motivating task. Peter's project is well ahead of time and under budget!

Action Plan:

YOU can get the same benefit Peter did (like an extra hour of productivity per day) from using the routine above. The key is to plan the time (no distractions like phone or email) and complete a task that will give you a sense of achievement. This may be something you enjoy OR something you have been avoiding. It doesn't matter as long as you feel great when it is complete.

Let me know if you feel energised too!

Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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