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How doing it wrong saves 35 hours in a week!
October 19, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip: "How doing it wrong saves 35 hours in a week!"

"Well done team, we did a great job with the event, I am proud of you" Meagan said to her marketing team.

But what I saw was more than 35 hours wasted during the week.

I was working with this marketing team to help reduce their working hours. The team was achieving their targets, but they were working very long hours and the company realized it was not sustainable.

The team committed to following the process 100%. At one point this meant getting phone and email details for 287 people (there was a total of 1800 people on the list).

The team spent a total of 36 hours getting this data (279 in the end). I was suspicious this was a low impact activity. So we checked. Not one of those 279 attended the event!

Now here is the key point. They ran out of time to do the reminder call for all the people who had registered. There was a 39% "no show" rate for the event, about 15% higher than expected.

Would a reminder call have reduced the "no show" rate? Absolutely!

This story is a perfect example of people being committed, working hard, achieving good results, but wasting massive amounts of time because they fail to see the difference between high impact and low impact tasks.

High Impact Tasks (H.I.T.s) must take priority over doing everything to 100% perfection. Was the process wrong in this example? No. The process works. They followed the process for 1,581 people. Do you waste 4.5 days getting from 88% to 100%?

You can see from this story why the marketing team were working very long, unsustainable hours.

When I tell my clients this story they say, "Great story Michael. I can see what you mean. It's silly to waste that many hours." So I ask them, "What is your story? What have you learned?" Because every person that is highly effective has stories just like this marketing team.

If you don't have a story like this then most likely you are wasting 100s of hours and you don't know it yet.

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Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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