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How being reactive costs you 5 hours a week!
August 31, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip: "How being reactive wastes over 5 hours a week"

"There is so much to do I don't see how I can cut back my hours," Dean said to me during the coaching. "From the minute I arrive at work there are issues to deal with, people wanting my help and then there are the emails and phone calls.

Dean was exhausted and he knew that working 80 hours a week was not sustainable, but he couldn't see a way out.

Dean was reacting to all that was going on at work. There was so much "stuff" that he was drowning in all the work. Every request, every issue seemed urgent so he put his head down and worked hard to get everything done.

Dean said he was too busy to plan. Too busy to say no and too busy to clarify the requests. OR was he??

In reality Dean was too busy NOT to plan, say NO and clarify requests. These are all proactive strategies that make you much more effective.

Dean was caught up in being reactive and he was responding to everything as if all tasks were of equal HIGH importance and HIGH urgency.

So Dean tried some proactive strategies. Just asking a clarifying question like "I have many urgent tasks, could you please explain to me why you see this task is so urgent so I can work out my priorities?" (smile)

What do you think happens? At least 20% of the tasks go away because the person asking suddenly has to justify why this task is so important (and they can't).

Reactivity is fueled by emotion and stress. The anxiety and pressure get passed on until the task is done. But that doesn't mean the task was the most important task to do at that moment in time.

Just by clarifying requests you can reduce the number of tasks you "have" to do which can save you 5 or more hours a week.

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The BENEFIT of being proactive rather than reactive is that you can focus on the tasks that have a high impact on your organization. My clients have used these strategies and have saved at least 5 hours a week. They they feel much more in control of their time. So, what does being reactive cost you?

Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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