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Are you making these two mistakes and wasting hours every week?
September 07, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip: "Are you making these two time wasting mistakes?"

Just these two mistakes waste hours every week and most people don't realize they are doing it.

Just the other day I was working with a group of business owners and Warren was describing an issue. "Our industry has changed so much, and it is still changing. Traditional business is declining. And staff, they are not motivated. And customers aren't loyal like they used to be. Everybody wants things now! It's tough in business these days," complained Warren.

And he keep going.

Fortunately another member of the group spoke up. Darren said "I see my business like this. We need to find potential customers, offer them a unique or different product or service, deliver what they want on time and collect the money."

"I feel much more enthusiastic and optimistic when I simplify a situation," Darren said confidently.

The first mistake we make is we subconsciously look for complexity in a situation or issue. We get caught up in the issue and we find 100s of connections -- causes, excuses, reasons, ripples, blame, difficulties and so on. This makes us feel more anxious and stressed.

Instead, you can save hours a week by consciously choosing to Keep it Simple. Stand up and take a step back. Draw a very simple diagram or flow chart of the situation with less than 5 parts.

Then you will feel more confident. Solutions and ideas will flow much more readily. You will move to action more quickly.

So, "what is the other mistake?" I hear you ask.

Well that is also to do with Keeping it Simple. I will let you know about that mistake next week.

The BENEFIT of keeping things simple rather than seeing all the complexity, is that you feel more confident, come up with more and better ideas and you act more quickly. How much time would you save by approaching your issues with confidence and enthusiasm?

Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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