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Do you make this mistake too?
June 28, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip, Do You make this mistake too?

"I am so busy," David said to Steve as he rushed to leave the coffee shop. "See you tomorrow morning."

David manages a small team. He is hard working and wants to achieve his objectives. That means long hours. But there is one mistake he makes several times a day. Do you make this mistake too?

David loves his coffee in the morning. He stops at the cafe on the way to the office every morning. It takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes

Yet when he gets into the office he is too busy to stop for even 1 minute to do some planning.

Do you make this mistake too?

Without a plan it is very easy for your mind to get distracted. Your subconscious brain is "unsettled" and is looking for other options. You also waste many hours starting tasks that you don't have the tools or time to finish or you go off on an irrelevant tangent.

Try Mini-Plans. My clients love their mini-plans. Here is how you do a mini-plan.

  1. Before you start a task take 2 minutes to do the mini-plan.
  2. Take 15 seconds to think of the Big Picture and how the task connects to your objectives.
  3. Write down the 4 Key Steps to achieving the task.
  4. Check to make sure you have the time and tools you need before you start.

It takes less time than picking up a coffee!

The BENEFIT of doing a mini-plan is that you increase your concentration and motivation to complete the task. My clients tell me they complete their tasks with less stress and save about 47 minutes a day just using this approach.

Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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