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How to overcome procrastination.
August 11, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip: "3 steps to overcome procrastination"

"Habits are like comfortable beds Easy to get into, but difficult to get out of." Dr Denis Waitley, Author of The Psychology of Winning.

In working with 100s of people on overcoming procrastination I have seen many techniques try and fail. Here are the three that have worked consistently with my clients.

The KEY to overcoming procrastination is to know why you are procrastinating. Beating procrastination is not about trying harder. Imagine being lost in New York and someone hands you a map of London and says figure it out. You say you can't and they say "you're not trying hard enough!"

That's why you can't beat procrastination by trying harder, just using discipline or pushing yourself. It won't work and you will fall back into your old habits.

Here is what happens when you procrastinate and what to do to overcome it.

Your mind is not sure you should be doing this task. You have some kind of doubt or intuitive feeling that you are not meant to be doing this task. This often happens because people lack clear priorities and you are not doing the highest priority task OR there is just so much "mind chatter" going on you can't concentrate. The SOLUTION is to set 3-4 clear priorities per week (maximum).

You are uncertain or worried about the task. This is a very common problem. SOLUTION -- First identify exactly what it is about the task that is concerning you. Then break it down into bite-size pieces or get help to get started. Once you have started, momentum builds and you find it much easier to complete the task.

You don't have enough energy to work on the task. This is usually overlooked as a cause of procrastination, but it is very real. Have you ever thought to yourself "I just can't get my brain to focus at the moment." SOLUTION -- plan to do the task early in the morning(s) or just after an energy creating event.

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The BENEFIT of "overcoming procrastination" is that you massively reduce the time it takes to complete tasks. My clients have told me they have wasted 10, 20 even 32 hours half starting, putting off and (sort of) re-starting tasks. How many hours is your procrastination costing you?

Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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