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Did you know planning is NOT effective!
July 13, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip, Planning is NOT Productive

"I don't need to plan," Steve said to me. I hear this or similar statements all the time. "I am too busy to plan. I have too much to do to plan."

I said to Steve, "so the logical flow on from this is that planning is NOT productive. Is that what you believe?" What do you think Steve answered?

Well, at first there was a long pause. Then Steve said, "I suppose there are important things that I need to get done before I do any planning." "OK," I say "so planning is not as productive as important things. Do you do any planning?" I probe.

"Not much" Steve admitted. I prefer to just get on with the job!

I probed a bit deeper. "Do you have budgets, cash flow forecasts, sales targets, or maybe a strategic plan?" "Of course, comes the reply. You can't run a profitable business without them ," Steve says confidently.

"I am confused," I say. So when is planning important and productive and when does it stop being productive? I mean you say you prefer to get on with the job, but you also say that you can't run a business without planning budgets, sales, cash flow and strategy."


"Is achieving your results different from the business's? Is it possible that you need to plan to ensure you have a "profitable" week?"

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The BENEFIT planning of your week is that you increase your focus on the High Importance High Impact activities. My clients describe how they are able to reduce interruptions and say "no", because they have a plan they want to stick to.

Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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