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Putting out the fires in your brain.
May 03, 2011

Hello and welcome to this week's short time management tip.

It will take you only 49 seconds to read this time management article. Here is your time management tip for this week.

Time Management Tip

Putting out the fires in your brain.

Peter rubbed his temples. His head hurt, and his neck ached. Peter's day was full of interruptions which loaded more work on him. He kept thinking, "when am I ever going to catch-up?"

Peter's brain was struggling with five different deadlines or is that 25? Five major, unfinished tasks--all high-priority. Peter felt like his brain was burning up -- and in a way it was.

The brain is fine when dealing with one or two, or even three crises at once. But when you have six squillion things on your to-do list it's like your brain is a raging fire.

Your logical mind tries to plays fire chief, but can only handle so many fires (crises) at once. Suddenly your 'fire chief' is so swamped, that it just can't keep up. This panic of overwhelm, drives your brain bananas.

Next, the rest of the body comes under stress.

Your body's endocrine, respiratory, cardio-vascular, ulmuscoskeletal and peripheral nervous systems are all in super-crisis mode. Your head throbs. Your muscles tighten.

And your intelligence runs out of power - literally.

Your world is focused on do, do, do. Your brain turns in to doo-doo! And this crisis would be fine, if all you had was one darn crisis in a year. But no. The fire-department in your brain is always rushing to seventeen fires on any given day.

Then, inevitably, mistakes occur.

Boo boos that end up with you in more doo-doo. Your brain brings up panic, fear, anxiety, frustration and your confidence plummets quickly. And it costs you and your business time and money everyday!

You do your best thinking when you are not thinking.

A big misconception is that we, as humans, tend to do things best when faced with a deadline. You often hear "I operate best under pressure!" The truth is we don't.

Always thinking under pressure means no new ideas, no new skills and all chaos.

Hard work never killed anyone, did it? Hard work doesn't kill you. The constant crisis kills you.

Summer fires can be major crises. Yet fire-fighters know that with education, preparation, prevention and rotation of crews, they can take on the biggest crises.

Can you?

Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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