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The questions that steal 92 minutes of your week.
February 02, 2011

Hello and welcome to this week's short time management tip that reveals The Questions that steal 92 minutes of your week..

It will take you only 53 seconds to read this email. Here is your time creation tip for this week.

Time Management Tip

How the wrong Questions steal your time.

Last week a client gave me a great book (thanks Dan) called The Question Before the Question, by John G Miller. It is a fantastic book. One chapter talks about the types of questions you ask yourself.

Questions that start with Why or When are victim questions. Why and When questions create negative feelings and a sense of helplessness. They lead to procrastination, indecision and confusion about what is important.

Asking When and Why questions wastes your precious time.

Here are some examples of when and why questions.

  1. Why don't they work harder?
  2. Why don't they take some initiative?
  3. When will they get it right?
  4. Why can't I find good people?
  5. When will you find time for me?

Say these out loud. You probably feel powerless and frustrated.

Replace the questions with more useful questions. Start the question with How or What. Here are some examples:

  1. How can I get the best out of my team?
  2. What can I do to improve the situation?
  3. How can I make sure I hire good people?
Say these out loud and notice how you feel. Most people describe feeling positive and ready to take action.

The BENEFIT of the right type of question is feeling positive, energized and you get into action mode, which saves at least 92 minutes a week.

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Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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