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A promotion, a health problem - what comes next?
September 28, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip: "A promotion, a health problem - what happens next?"

"Every week. I have to come and see you every week. But I am only in my late 30s! This medication, does it have side effects and how long do I have to be on medication." Adrian complained to his doctor.

The doctor told Adrian his blood pressure had gone up so much in such a short time that he needed to monitor his health very closely. What had changed for Adrian that made his blood pressure jump so high.

A promotion.

More responsibility. So Adrian took it all on board. He worked long hours. He worked hard. He got pretty good results. An then it started to happen.

Headaches. Tiredness. Finding it hard to concentrate. Adrian assumed he was just tired. His wife made him go to the doctor when he mentioned some chest pain. Adrian's blood pressure had shot up to the very high category. And stayed that high for 3 months.

Then it started to go down. Three months later he was off medication and monitoring went from weekly to monthly.

So, what happened to Adrian? Did he quit his job? Did he take a holiday? Did he change his diet?

Adrian changed the way he perceived time.

In our coaching Adrian realized HE was the one creating all the pressure that made his blood pressure sky rocket. Six months earlier he would not have considered he was the primary cause. Adrian had a flash of insight during the coaching - his promotion involved more responsibility NOT more time.

This insight enabled Adrian to see things differently and start asking different questions about priorities and resources, rather than just accepting everything that appeared to be urgent. He set boundaries for himself and stuck to them.

The result -- his blood pressure came down into the low to medium range. He feels much happier and his promotion is now an exciting challenge rather than a burden that made him dread going to work each day.

Are you trying to do too much and putting extra pressure on yourself? What do you need to do to change like Adrian did?

Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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