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Why is it hard for humans to stay focused?
September 21, 2010

Hello . I hope you enjoy this week's tip: "Why Is It Hard for Humans to Stay Focused?"

Everyone I speak to tells me they lose focus at times. I know I do. So why do we lose focus. And more importantly, why do we battle on trying to work harder when we are struggling to keep focus?

There are two main reason we as humans lose focus. The first is that we try to keep too many things in our brain. Imagine your brain is like a computer. Now imagine opening every program, every picture, every song you have on the computer. What happens to the computer. It runs very slowly and eventually crashes. If you like, it can't focus.

Our brain operates in the same way. When we load it up with too many things we can't focus. We either get a "foggy head" (and a headache) or our mind jumps around from one thing to the next unable to focus.

The second reason we struggle to keep focus is lack of energy.

Our brain is very hungry. It takes lots of energy to keep it running effectively. In this sense you can think of your brain like a muscle.

Imagine you had to hold a large dictionary in front of you in one hand with your arm straight for an entire day. Your arm muscles become tired after a few minutes, right. You will need to rest your muscles before you can lift the dictionary again. And as the day goes on it gets harder and harder to lift it.

Your brain muscle is the same, although it is not as obvious as when our arm muscles get tired.

So, what happens when you brain gets tired -- You Lose Focus!

Here are three simple things to do to keep focused. 1. Observe yourself and notice when you are losing focus and then 2. List all the things "cluttering" your mind, then consciously choose to let them go so you can focus on one thing, and/or 3. Take a break, get some healthy food and water, go for a short walk to refresh your brain.

The BENEFIT of knowing why you lose focus, is that you become much more aware of when you lose focus AND you can do something about it instead of wasting hours trying to push through.

Have the time of your life this week.


Michael Erwin

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