Cut 6.5 Hrs Off Your Work Week
Personal Video Coaching.

Personal Coaching Week 2 - Time Capacity and Ideal Working Hours.

Congratulations and Welcome to the Audio component of the Personal Coaching Program to Cut 6.5hrs Off Your Work Week.

In last week's session I revealed Secret #1 - Why Working Hard Causes Failure and the concepts of Time Protection, Time Capacity and Aim Fire Ready. In today's coaching session we continue with Secret #1 and how You can start to work the hours you want to work.

During today's session you do an activity work out your time capacity and to set some boundaries around your time at work. The blank template you will use is attached to this email. Please print it out and have it with you when you watch the Coaching Video.

Throughout the Program I will telling you Jack's story. Jack has an amazing story and he faced many challenges and obstacles along the way. I will explain how Jack felt going through the coaching program as well as the set-backs and the progress he experienced.

Click here to open the Blank Week form for today's activity. (Right click to download)

Click here to open the example of an Ideal Week structure. (Right click to download)

Click here to open your coaching session worksheet. (right click to download)

*** Here is your audio for your Personal Coaching for this Week ***

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Session 2, audio only.

Enjoy Your Time this Week :-)

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