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What Time Management Skills do you need to help you feel like you have more hours in the day?

We believe there are 4 core time management skills you need to develop. These skills are like a foundation. There are other tools and techniques that you will use depending on your personal style and preferences.

We strongly advocate that you need to create your own system or structure that suits YOU. What is best for you may be very different from what suits your friend, your boss or your parents!

Here are What we believe are the 4 core time management skills:

Remember to check out the rest of the time management skills. Go to the overview of the core time management skills.

1. A mindset of Self-Management not Time Management
2. Use a structure
3. Whole in ONE
4. Use a trigger

“Interesting,” I hear you say (well that is what most people tell me when I list these core skills.) And then they ask “what do these have to do with time management?”

Great question. Let's look in some detail as to how these skills help you create more time.

3. Whole in ONE

Now I have got you thinking – about golf and that maybe we can’t spell! Actually what I referring to here is having your whole life -- appointments, tasks and key notes in ONE place.

Every person I speak to today has multiple places for notes and appointments. This is one sure way to waste time! I strongly suggest you do not have different places for personal and work appointments and tasks. Your whole life needs to come together as one life and you need to SEE IT in your structure as ONE Life.

Unfortunately computer programs (like Outlook) and PDAs and mobile phones mean we have many places that hold information. Most people still like to write notes and also to have a diary they can access away from a PC. Post it notes are popular. So it is no surprise that most people waste time each day looking for information (don’t even get me started on finding info on computers ). Using many of these "tools" wastes time.

Effective use of time comes from having an integrated time management system. Now each person may have a different system that works for them. You are your own person with your own style and preferences. That's OK.

The key point we are making here is that to spend your time wisely and effectively you should look at your life as one life. One life, one system. Forget having a separate diary for work and home (or worse trying to keep all your personal appointments in your head). Integrate everything in to one system.

How do you do that. Actually that bit is easy.

Step 1 -- Select the tool that at the moment has THE most of your appointments

Step 2 -- Start using that tool TODAY to record everything. For example if you decide your work diary has the most things in it, then put ALL your personal appointments and commitments in that diary too. It is now your whole life diary, not your work diary.

Step 3 -- schedule some time alone to review how well this tool works for you and consider options to improve your system.

HINT: DO NOT CHANGE until you are certain you have a better system.

Get your WHOLE life in to ONE place. It's worth it.

Remember to check out the rest of core skills for improved time amanagement. Go to the overview of the core time management skills.

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Time Management Skills

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