Find time using this unique 7 step approach

Do you feel at times that you work long and hard, yet your “to do list” just grows and so does the stress?

There are many courses on Time Management yet most people feel they are really efficient in Time Management. What if there was no such thing as time management!!

The 7 steps to creating an extra hour a day

1. There is no such thing as time management

Our experience is that many people have tried the Time Management programs available and most people do not continue to use those systems. Has anyone you know (or have you) experienced this?

Our research has found that one of the key factors is how the individual chooses to look at time. There is no such thing as time management because time can’t be managed. Time IS! The key is to take responsibility for self-management.

2. Time is only an enabler – what do you REALLY want?

We can’t save or hoard time. We can only ensure that we are spending them wisely. Even if we could save time – time it self is of no value. It is what we do in a given amount of time that matters.

Time is the most precious enabler we have. We are given heaps of it FREE everyday 86,400 seconds a day. Maybe because it is given to us FREE we don’t appreciate it.

Get clear about what you really want. What you want to DO, BE or HAVE. What you want to feel like.

3. Crossing the GAP

The biggest hurdle you face is crossing the GAP between knowing what to do and actually doing it on a consistent basis. Most people, we believe, know what they need to do, they just don’t do it consistently.

Explore your blocks. We look at two key areas. Going outside your comfort zone and going below the surface to find what is REALLY stopping you!

4. Two perspectives on time

Behavioural – what you do? At a behavioural level look at what you are actually doing and what distracts you. What you get done in a given amount of time is the behavioural level. Look at whether you use lists, write down goals, plan daily, weekly, allocate priorities and an amount of time to tasks. This includes your whole life – not just business.

Cognitive – what is your mind doing, are you connected to the task, do you see how it fits in? At a cognitive level look at what is happening with your thinking. This involves looking at values, purpose, and your connection to the things you are doing!

5. Sources of ENERGY

Energy is a key component of time creation. Become aware of how much energy is expended doing different activities. Find out what your sources of energy are and what drains energy from you.

Look at activities, stress, food, exercise and sleep in terms of how they relate to your energy levels.

6. Activity does NOT equal achievement!

Here we explore the difference between activity and achievement. Look at the impact that each task has in relation to your objective. Activity is doing. Achievement is moving closer to your objective.

7. Ready, Aim FIRE!

Yes, ready aim fire! Not ready, aim, aim, aim. ACTION is the key. We explore what gets in the way and how to implement the ready, fire, aim strategy to get started.

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