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Family Time Management

  2. Your Partner is Family too

Family time management! Do you spend as much time as you want to with your family? Do you spend as much time as you need to with your kids? Many people we speak to do not. In fact this seems to be one of biggest sources of stress today. You want to spend more time with your family, but work demands your time.


Point number three is about boys spending time with their Dad.

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2.  Remember your partner is family too


If you tracked your time for a month, what percentage would you spend with your wife/husband/partner. It seems your partner is the one that misses out the most. I have done this as a participant in a 'life by design' workshop and many of our clients have done it too.


The amount of time spent with partners, where you are truly connecting and communicating, is very small. This does not include time watching TV or at your kids sport or music. Often we find it is less than 5% of your time.


How does this happen?


Often we find it is less than 5% of your time. Usually this is because we try to fit in time with our partner. In trying to squeeze it in between other things, it doesn't happen.


And even when there is  a window of time, your are either tired, or so surprised that you still don't truly connect with your in that moment.


Make time for your partner on a regular basis.


Sit down with your partner and work out how often you would like to be together, just the two of you (assuming you do want to spend time together - this is not the place to go down that path).


Decide on exactly what activities you would like to do together. Activities that will enable you to connect on an emotional level. The easiest starting point is often monthly dates. Plan ahead and go out on a date each month.


It might be for dinner. It might be the movies or a show (make sure you talk about the show afterwards - conversation is important). What about a night or weekend away. Try that too. Just you and your partner.


Share you hobbies. Find a new hobby to do together, where you interact with each other.


It doesn't matter what you decide. I matters that you do it.

One thing is certain. You will never find the time. You must create the time.


Plan ahead. Schedule time to be together. Yes, spontaneous can be more romantic, but only if you do something. I'll bet if you get in to the habit of planning and doing things together, you will also do more sponaeous things together  :-)


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