Family Time Management

How to have more family time

What is Family time management? Well, do you spend as much time as you want to with your family? Do you spend as much time as you need to with your kids? Many people we speak to do not. In fact this seems to be one of biggest sources of stress today. You want to spend more time with your family, but work demands your time.


Does this mean you need to get some family time management. What does family time management really mean anyway? We are really talking about making sure we have more family time.


Are you a slave to your job?


Think about it for a minute. If you don't see your family as often and for as long as you want to because you have to work, then you're the slave.


Brian Tracy tells us in the Psychology of Achievement that the average "quality time" a father spends with their teenage child is 7 minutes a week!


It is easy to justify this from a financial point of view. Here are some other points of view that might help you change you mindset and make sure you have more family time.


1.  Forget Quality Time -- Go for Quantity Time

2.  Remember your partner is family too

3.  Boys need time with their Dad's


1.  Forget Quality Time -- Go for Quantity Time


There is a lot of talk these days about spending quality time with your family. You probably hear people say 'quality time is more important than quantity'. There is no doubt quality time is important. But quantity is just as important.

And even when there is  a window of time, your are either tired, or so surprised that you still don't truly connect with your in that moment.


Make time for your partner on a regular basis.

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3.  Boys need time with their Dad's


Some friends of mine were talking about Family Time Management after listening to parenting expert and well-known author, Stephen Biddulph speak about his book "Raising Boys".


The age of 6 - 14 is the most influential period in their lives for bonding with Dad. The type of time boys need can't be thrown into a once a week or month block or some exotic holiday once a year. Kids, especially boys need to spend time with their Dads on a regular basis. It's the only way to build a strong and stable relationship.

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 Look for an opportunity to spend time with your kids, with your family and friends.  A long weekend, Easter, Christmas, or even an afternoon where to take the day off to pick them up from school and spend time with them. Invest in this time and be truly connected to the moments with them.  Make a commitment to continue investing time in your family.  Do it, because if nothing changes, nothing changes!

Family time

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