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The importance of time management -

Do you see the contradiction about time management in people today. Busy, Time Poor, 24x7, No Work-Life Balance are just some of the phrases people use to describe their lives. The CONTRADICTION is that most people do nothing about it.

I believe that the importance of time management is massively underestimated, especially given the challenges you face deciphering and filtering 1000s of interruptions every day.

The importance of time management in today's information overloaded world is higher than ever before. I find and goal setting really hits home when a loved one comes to the end of their life. Only then do you start to understand that how you spend your time IS your life. Time management is much more about choices and decisions than to-do lists and appointments.
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Imagine for a moment that you knew exactly how long you were going to live. You knew the year, day and time your life on earth will come to an end. How would that impact you? Depends, most people day. Depends on how long I will live. OK. Let's say you will live until you are 67. Now, what comes to mind. Perhaps that's a shorter life that you might have thought. Does this knowledge make you think you want to do something different?

What if you then find out that for the last 10 years of your life you are battling a major disease. Physically, you are not well. There are a lot of emotional strains. A lot of time is taken up with doctors and in hospitals. Starting to think about changing things in your life yet.

Now let me add that 2 of the people closest to you move away or pass away in the next 5 years. Now what thoughts are your having about changing your life?

Please don't under estimate the time management and goal setting. I see it everyday (fortunately from both sides). People who are too busy to spend time with people they love or doing the things that love. My coaching programs help people make that changes in their life. I can't explain in words how it feels to have someone tell me how much their life has changed because, after many years of not being home for dinner they now have dinner with their wife and kids most nights.

The fact is that we do not know how long we are going to live or how healthy we will be or what will happen to other people we love.

When you underestimate the time management and goal setting, you say to yourself "I'll get around to that one day." "I have to work hard now, the family understands. I'll spend time with them later when things are better." But things never just get better.

You have to make them better and you have to know what better looks like.

The laws of life don't work the way most people assume they do. The most amazing insight for me is that life gets better when you spend your time doing and being what is important to you. Most people want life to get better or more secure or something and then they will spend time doing what they love or being with the people they love. But, they are always waiting for when this happens or that finishes or something else -- there is always something else.

Please recognize the time management and goal setting -- of spending time doing and being what is most important to you -- STARTING TODAY.

I believe that if you are not doing what you love, spending lots of time with your loved ones and investing time in your health, then you have not recognized the time management and goal setting.

Please do something about it TODAY.

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