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Job Burnout

How to avoid getting totally burnt out

Job Burnout

Job burnout is happening more and more every day. You are expected to do more, in less time, often with less resources. At the same time you are meant to have some work life balance. This may lead to you feel constantly tired and irritated by work?

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The causes of burnout and wide and varied, but often they come back to stress and time management. We regularly see that a feeling of not having enough time is an early sign of the stress that can lead to burnout. When the perception of lack of time builds up you may see some further signs or 'symptoms'. Some people get angry, some become quiet and introverted, while others overeat or abuse drugs and alcohol.

If your job is stressful and you feel like you need more time to do everything then please watch out for the signs of burnout. Some common pressures that could push you closer to burnout include increased job demands, changes in the workplace or lack of balance between work-family time.

Here are some common feelings associated with job burnout:

  • A Feeling of 'fogginess' -- you are unable to focus or concentrate at work.
  • A feeling of overload -- there is much more to do than you can get done.
  • A feeling of anxiousness -- you dread going to work.
  • A feeling of heavy tiredness -- you are always flat and lacking energy, even when you get enough sleep.

And, right on the edge of being burnt out is
A feeling of hopelessness and powerless -- it feels like nothing you do can make any difference. If you feel this way please seek some help from a workplace counselor immediately.

So, how do you avoid job burnout. Here are some strategies we have seen work without our clients:

  1. Use a time management system to plan your time and make sure you don't take on too much
  2. Learn how to say NO is a polite, yet assertive way.
  3. Make life balance a priority and include your 'life activities' in your schedule to make sure they happen.
  4. Take regular breaks at work. Get outside and breath fresh air for a few minutes. Have lunch away from your desk.
  5. Focus on outcomes and solutions rather than the amount of work to be done.
  6. Eat a healthy, balanced diet, drink plenty of water, get a good night's sleep and exercise three times a week.

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Avoid job burnout

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