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Organized living.

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Organized Living is the magical ingredient of a happy fulfilling life. When you spend your time doing what is important , fulfilling and beneficial to You, then you have a great life. If you spend most your time doing things you perceive you have to do and constantly run out time for things that are important or fulfilling, then you have an unhappy life. Perhaps this is a simplistic view, but I am a big believer in keeping things as simple as possible.

Organized living means you have a plan and a structure. Yes, the structure needs to suit YOU. Yes, the structure must be flexible. Many people have an initial resistance to the idea of organized living, but please believe me when I say that it is critical to start with a structure.

I see an organized living plan as a framework for how you use your time to get what you want in your life. Today I see so many people who get caught up in doing rather than planning.

Let's look at some examples of where you EXPECT a organized plan to be in place.

Do you ever fly? How would feel if your airline decided NOT to use the air traffic control processes (plans) and chose NOT to have any flight plans. Would you fly with this airline? If you were booked on their flight would you accept that they had no plan? No. Why not? Because it would not be safe.

There are many other examples. Giving blood or having surgery are also examples. In these situations do you want a focus Plans and Process OR do you want a focus on Doing without a plan?

Yet, most people fall in to the trap of Doing rather than Planning. There lives are the opposite of organized living.

When I talk to my clients and groups about this the first comment that comes back to me is "yeah, but those things (my examples) are for really important situations and safety is a major issue!" Think about that response for a minute. This implies that your time is not important enough to plan for.

Do you really think your time in not important? Not important enough to plan for? THINK AGAIN.

Your time is the most important resource you have. EVERYTHING that is IMPORTANT to you requires YOUR TIME.

So, if you expect a clear effective plan for important events like flying and surgery, then you should expect that same for your own life. Organized living is the process of creating and using your time management plan.

The next excuse I get is "it's too hard to plan all the time." And this I can agree with to some extent. Many time management systems are detailed and/or complicated. Or they are too narrowly focused on tasks. So I have taken the simplest method that I have seen work with hundreds of people and applied it to this Time Management System.

The structure that I have seen help most clients be more effective is a weekly plan.

Here are 6 steps to organized living:

  • Life Purpose -- write down what you want to be remembered for. This guides your life plan.
  • Personal values and passions -- write out your top five values and the things you love doing.
  • Focus and Flexibility (can't get everything done) -- Focus on the important and let go of trying get everything done.
  • Weekly Structure -- plan your week and know your time capacity
  • Mini-Plans -- use mini-plans for your projects

Get the time management forms to help you with these steps.

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organized living

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