Stress and Time Management

Stress and Time Management

How to avoid feeling depressed.

Stress and Time Management -

Stress and Time management are very closely related. One of the main sources of stress is trying to do too much. What that means is that you are trying to do more than you can really fit into the time available.
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When I run my workshops I ask people, "Who has got everything done in the last week that they wanted to get done?" No one raises their hand. Then I say "Now think about everything you planned and wanted to get done in the last week. OK - Got it. How does that feel? Stressful, overwhelming, out of control. OK now imagine that you have a month to do the same tasks. No more no less. How does that feel?"

When I do this with a group I see a change on people's faces. I see them relax. I see smiles. I see people sit up straight. So what changed that allowed the stress to dissolve? Time!

The change in the timeframe made a huge difference to your stress level. Therefore stress and time management are very closely related. Stress builds when you don't have enough time.

One way to reduce stress is to improve your time management skills. A great starting point is to create a weekly structure that guides you in making decisions on where to spend your time. You can do this time management activity for free .

The Happiness Institute suggest the acronym CHOOSE to help you reduce stress and be happy.

  1. C = Clarity of goals
  2. H = Healthy Living
  3. O = Optimism
  4. O = Others (key relationships)
  5. S = Strengths (use them)
  6. E = Enjoy the Moment
There is lots more great information at The Happiness Institute website .

If you are feeling consistently depressed and you cannot seem to shake that feeling or reduce your stress then it is important you get some help. A great starting point is the Overcoming Depression website. . I strongly suggest you consult your doctor and get some help. Stress and burn out leads to depression for too often today. The earlier you get some help the better.

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Time Management Stress

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