Time Management Article

There is NO such thing as time management

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Time Management Article
There is no such thing as time management

Does this mean all the courses and diary systems are no good? Not at all. But first there is a mind-shift you need to take.

Time is! It just is! 24 hours a day. 1400+ minutes every day.

Time management implies we manage time, BUT time can’t be managed! The typical mindset on Time Management is about applying techniques and tips – things outside of you. But there is a step you must take first.

The key to creating an extra hour a day is changing your mindset to SELF-MANAGEMENT!

What is self-management? Mark Victor Hansen in the book One Minute Millionaire says it is “accepting responsibility and not laying blame.”

I believe self-management is about acknowledging we are responsible for our lives. It is your choices that have created your life. Not your boss or your parents or the government or anything else. Yes, those things have an impact, but how you choose to see the circumstances, how you choose to interpret and respond determine your life.

This is scary and exciting. It can be scary to think about being totally responsible for your life – but this means that you can choose to take control and create what you want in the future.

To create and extra hour a day you need to start by adopting a mindset of self-management where you accept responsibility for your life totally. Then you can start to see new options and opportunities that will create more time.

Not time management but self management.

Time Management Coaching Action Guide

Time Management Exercises:
Time management skills questions for your self-development

In the next 24 hours.
• Reflect on last week .When did you blame others or circumstances for you being late or not managing your time?
Now look at how you were responsible in someway for not losing track of your time. Focus on this mindset of responsibilty or self-management. This is what your mindset needs to be for you to significantly imporve how you use your time.
• Clarify your goals and values. Are you really clear about what they are and why you want them?

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