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Time Management Principles are a key part of getting control of your time. Most people need some sort of a system to save time and make time -- because it is pretty much impossible to keep it all in your head. In today's world, with all the time 21st century time pressures you need to follow a set of principles that will help you overcome modern day time challenges.

There is never enough time. This is the biggest difference that 21st century time management systems must address. Older time management systems imply that you can catch-up or get things under control. Forget it. You can't. Most of my clients tell me they could work 24x7 and still not get all tasks done.

21st century time management is about managing yourself to cope with NOT getting things done and to spend time on the really important things in your life.

I would love you to be able to help you to achieve this and I believe my time management from the heart program will be a big help for you. You can get the free email course explaining the 7 time management from the heart principles by entering your name and email address below.

Not only do you get the free e-course, but there are many other free resources you will get access to by joining, including free e-books, time management video presentations, time management powerpoint presentations, time management tools to download. More resources are added each month.

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Here are the 7 time management from the heart principles.
  1. Let Go - You can't get everything done. You need accept this is true
  2. Responsibility -- take full responsibility for how you spend your time
  3. Whole Life - Whole in one
    1. Structure - Use a structure and your intuition
    2. Capacity - Know your capacity
  4. 4. Personalize - Develop your personal version of the approach
    1. Style - Recognise your thinking style and adapt your approach to suit your style
    2. Values - Get clear on your top 5 values and the behaviours that reflect these values
  5. Instincts - Trust your instincts
  6. Feel Success -- success is about how you feel NOT how much you get done
  7. Build Your Personal Time Management System

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Time Management Principles

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