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My favorite time management software -

Time management software can be a fantastic tool to help you improve your time management. I have researched many software programs and found several worth trying.

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The time management tools that I will introduce you to are:

  1. Lookeen (through outlook)
  2. CalendarSpots.com Online Appointment Scheduling
  3. Nozebe - Getting Things Done (GTD) Web based software
  4. Toodledo - An easy to use, web-based to-do list. Get organized, stay motivated, and be more productive.
  5. Rescue Time - A web-based time management tracking and analysis tool
  6. Plan Plus for Outlook

Below is a short summary of each of the time management software tools.

Lookeen Search

My favorite time management software is Lookeen Desktop Search. I believe it saves between 10 and 30 minutes a day, if you use Outlook for your email. How?

Actually it is simple. When I want to find an email I use the Lookeen. It is quick and accurate. When I want to find a document I do the same.

All I need to do is think for a few seconds about something unique in the document and then search on those words because Lookeen searches in the contents of the email, documents appointments and notes. The more I search the better I get at searching. Now even when I know where a document is I use Lookeen to find and open it because it is quicker than going through the folders.

The main downside with Lookeen is that you must have Outlook open. This is perfect when you use Outlook for your email. I now use gmail, so it annoys me a litle to have Outlook open using my PC resources. It is worth it though to get the power Lookeen search rather than use Windows search. Previously I have also used Copernic desktop search which is also excellent for the same reasons.

Here are more details on Lookeen desktop search

Here are more details on Copernic desktop search


Online Appointment Scheduling Process with CalendarSpots.com Software for Small Business.

CalendarSpots.com is a web-based solution designed to simplify the appointment taking process. Because CalendarSpots.com is fully automated, there is no risk of omissions, double booking or errors. It’s so easy to set up and use - your employees and customers will thank you!

CalendarSpots basic package is free. It's a great way to make sure you do not double up on appointments while saving time because clients can book in their appointments themselves.

Rescue Time - easy time management tracking and analysis.

RescueTime is a web-based time-management tool that allows you to easily understand how you spend your time. One of the coolest things about RescueTime is that there is no data entry. You install some software on your computer and it magically tracks all of your time usage. For more info, check out the product tour.


Toodledo - web based to do list.

Toodledo is a single place where all your to-dos are permanently stored and easily accessible will allow you to relax, knowing that you won't forget anything. Toodledo's hotlist, email and sms reminders, and sortable online to-do list will help you remember to complete tasks on-time.

For those of us who are procrastinators, Toodledo has a special tool that analyzes dates, priorities, time estimates, and other characteristics to create a customized schedule of the best use of your time.

Always have your to-do list at hand. You can get Toodledo on your mobile phone, in your email, on your calendar, in your RSS reader, via IM, and integrated directly into your web browser. You can even print up a special foldable booklet that will fit in your pocket.

A Comparison chart of online time management software to do list http://www.toodledo.com/info/compare.php

Nozebe - web based GTD software

Nozbe is a web-based task manager and to-do list GTD software that will help your personal productivity - project management and time tracking. Nozbe's GTD software is available in your web browser and on your mobile phone and Apple iPhone. Inspired by David Allen's best-selling book "Getting Things Done - The Art of stress-free productivity". Click here for more information on Nozbe's time management software

Plan Plus Franklin Covey Time Management Outlook add-in

PlanPlus from Franklin Covey makes it easy for you to use the Seven Habits time management system with-in outlook. PlanPlus enables you to follow the Franklin Covey Time Management System and still use Outlook for your appointments and tasks.

PlanPlus™ v.6 for Microsoft® Outlook® seamlessly integrates with your existing Outlook. Its Home Page mimics classic FranklinCovey paper planner pages to help you prioritize, rank, and manage projects and tasks, and it also keeps track of Mission Statements, Values, Weekly Compass, Goals, Roles, notes, and more. PlanPlus is also compatibility with BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile®, and Palm® devices.

PlanPlus is also available in an online version. There are other useful products in the range called ProjectPlus and TaskPlus. Find out more at Franklin Covey.com

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time management software

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