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Time Management Success Stories

When you don't have a time management system you are causing yourself PAIN. The pain of being under time pressure, feeling out of control, being overloaded and this means high stress. Just learning time management skills is not enough. You need to USE them.
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We would like to ease your pain -- the pain from being constantly time poor, busy, stressed and time pressured. Here we share with you some of our client's time management success stories


Here is just one example of our time management success stories. One client recently said "My kids now treat me differently at home. They involve me in their games and they talk to me about school." When you are "NOT THERE" the most important people in your life, your family and friends, notice the most. And they suffer the most too. What results do you get from time management coaching?

Here are some more of our client time management success stories.

STORY TIME - time management success stories

JB, Senior Manager Media Industry.
JB was the team leader of a small team. Then after a restructure he became the manager of a team 4 times bigger. The restructure had made most of the team negative and some aggressive. JB started working longer and longer hours to try to get the job done and get the team happy. His stress was 9 or 10 out of 10 most days. This was JB’s life when he started the time creation coaching program. Three months later he was working 20 hours LESS per week and comfortably getting the important things done at work. He no longer works at home and his family feel like they have their husband and dad back.

AC - Director Print Industry
AC is a driven successful business man. He was running a successful company printing. He worked long hours, though he felt his work life balance was reasonable, because he had flexibility. He wanted to improve that further and so he started the coaching program. AC biggest insights were how much an interruption early in the day could hi-jack his whole day AND how he turned a small task or project in to a much bigger task. He realised, although he worked hard and was busy, he was not being effective in progressing to his goals. By the end of the coaching program AC told me he was at least 50% more effective because of how he changed his approach.

JB - Senior Manager Media Industry
JB was a well educated successful businessman in a large corporate in the fast moving consumer goods industry. He felt he was well organised, but work still seemed to be getting on top of him. He also found that communication with some of his team was ineffective. JB started the program to see if he could get on top of his workload. By the end of the program JB felt on top of his workload. The main value of the coaching for JB was moving from knowing what to do, to DOING IT. This not only applied to time, but many other things as well. That’s why JB said the coaching was more valuable than my MBA – because the coaching wasn’t theory, it took him across the "gap" to DOING it.

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