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4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss

How to work only 4 hours a week

The 4 hour work week time management book review

We enjoyed this book very much because it takes a completely different angle to getting more time for yourself.

The 4 hour work week is based on the principle that our life should be about creating moments that bring enjoyment, fun, growth and new experiences in to our lives.

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When we stay in a linear mode of thinking we tend to look at this in terms of work “how to get more life balance”. In other words can we grab an hour here and a couple of hours there for the life part of the work life balance.

For most this is an ongoing struggle.

In the 4 hour work week, Ferris turns this thinking on its head and suggests that you create a life that is about many mini sabbaticals and continuously looking for ways to get more time for yourself.

He tells you how to go traveling through Europe and spend less money than living at home. He gives advice on how to outsource as many things on your to-do list as possible. And he give you tips on how to work at home (or at least outside the office) and get your work done in half the time – so you have the rest of the week for YOU.

Ferris writes well and makes I all sound very easy. Of course it is not. Perhaps the truth is that it is not that hard to do what Ferris suggests, BUT it is our fears, beliefs and habits that stop us. What would my mother think? We can't take the kids out of school for that long! We wont have any assets (how do you define assets anyway – check out what Robert Kiyosaki says in Rich Dad Poor Dad).

I highly recommend the 4 hour work week. If you like to have some fun and you like new experiences you will enjoy reading the book. Whether you take it further and put some of the ideas in to place is up to you. One thing is for certain, once you have read the 4 hour work week you will have a whole new perspective on how to get more work life balance.

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