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Advantages of Time Management

How time management helps you change your life!

Advantages of time management

Imagine your perfect day. What would it look like?

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and eager to start the day. A little exercise or meditation before breakfast. Then a healthy breakfast with some interesting conversation with your partner or kids. You are keen to get to work and tackle some exciting projects. You arrive at work and greet everyone with a smile.
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You know what you want to achieve for the day and at the end of the day these tasks are complete, plus a few more. You leave work feeling satisfied. You enjoy dinner with the family while hearing about everyone's day. You spend some time painting, your latest hobby, watch a little TV before going to bed.

What a sensational day and I can do it all again tomorrow, you think to yourself :-)

Does this sound like your day? Most people think I am from another planet when I use this description. If you are like the average person your day is more like this.

You struggle out of bed feeling tired or grumpy. You skip breakfast or eat on the run, feeling stressed about getting to work on time AND the issues you will have to face today. You rush around all day feeling under pressure, frustrated and maybe angry.

You leave work too late to do any exercise and feeling dissatisfied and not sure what you achieved today. You can't be bothered cooking so you get some take-out and you watch TV having little conversation with anyone. You drag yourself to bed fairly late feeling exhausted and wondering how you will survive tomorrow.

The difference between these two lives is Time Management.

I am often asked what are the advantages of time management? What will be different if you manage you time well? And my first thought is "where do I start?" There are so many advantages of time management in your life.

If I had to summarize in the advantages of time management in to a 60 second presentation I would say:

  1. A much greater feeling of satisfaction in your life
  2. Much less stress
  3. Significantly improved relationships
  4. Significantly improved health
If you feel constantly busy or time poor. Or if any of the areas above are less than 8/10 then you need to improve your time management.

Suggested Activity: Web of Life
Try the web-of-life tool to get a visual picture of the balance (or lack of) in your life.

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advantages of time management

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