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Time Saving Tips

5 tips that will save you time and money!

Time saving tips

I’m constantly investigating new ways to increase balance and productivity. Recently I found a great article at Lifehack.org titled 5 questions that will save you time and money (there are actually 6 questions because they introduce the article saying THE most important question is: How much is your time worth?

I have turned the 5 questions in to time saving tips to make it easier for you.

The purpose of asking how much your time is worth is to work out what task you should do and what tasks you should get others to do.

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The value on your time should take in to account making or saving money AND spending time with loved ones AND how you feel when you do/complete an activity.

The following five time saving tips can help you find the answers, and bring balance to both your spending and your use of time. Consider ALL the time saving tips before deciding how to use your time and see which tip(s) apply to the task.

When you get enjoyment, fulfillment and/or satisfaction from the task, do it yourself.

I believe enjoyment and fulfillment from what we do is our ultimate goal. This is where you should spend as much time as possible.

When you have the skills to complete the task with relative ease do it yourself.

Changing the washer on a dripping tap yourself will save time and money compared to getting a plumber in. But a if you attempt a more complex plumbing task, but how much time and effort will it cost you if you don’t know how?

When you have some skills or enjoyment, complete part of the task.

There are many tasks that you cannot or don't want to complete yourself, but you do want to save money or get some satisfaction from being involvd. When you have some skills or enjoyment, but not enough to do all the task, complete part of the task and pay an expert do to the parts you can't or that don't interest you.

When you don't want to do the task, but need to save money, find some to barter/tade with or get someone who needs experience doing the task.

Many people are willing to work to gain experience or to barter and trade for something you have or do that they find valuable.

If it's not practical don't try to do it.

Although this is a simpe tip many people get excited about ideas and before you know it they have invested time and money into something that is not practical. You may like the idea of having fresh eggs eash monring from your own chickens, but would your lanlord lay an egg if they found out?

Source: Lifehack.org May 27, 2008

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time saving tips

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